10 February, 2014


Bits and pieces of me,

Remain in the shadows forever,

Heard in the murmurs of time,

Is the narration, of the days gone by.

All that was loved, is cherished no more,

Few distinct memories, are now colored gray,

Imprinted on the floor are just the foot prints,

My only claim, of ever living with my near and dear.

Of all the emotions, if I was ever true,

Hurt, distrust, lust, heartbreak have now redefined me.

Clothes I wore of trust and dignity,

Are now rags of indecent agony.

What bequeath should I leave behind?

For there are no takers of emotive wealth,

Where's the time to relish the enduring,

When one can just pick and choose.

Is this the road for me to close?

Is this how this would end?

Where on Earth would I be?

If not in the hearts of the loving and free!

Surojit Sengupta - 28th January 2014

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